So it begins…

Here there be monsters…

Finally, all of my musings are to be gathered in one forum. Here for your reading pleasure you shall find those thoughts that rise from deep within my personal cabinet of curiosities.

No subject is off-limits. I spent too many years holding back on my opinions… for the sake of my business, or because of some internal self-restraint gnome. That time is long gone.

I don’t believe in lashing out recklessly… and I don’t think that’s what you’ll find here. Instead, my opinions are based on facts and I’m not afraid to express my opposition to those who seek to distort reality.

Politics, religion, entertainment, science… whatever is on my mind will be exposed before your very eyes on these pages.

I hope you’ll enjoy what you read… and that you’ll share these posts with others.

As for the content, aside from any sourced quotes (and I will endeavor to provide permalinks where possible) the words here are my own. Unabridged and unfiltered.

Feel free to disagree, but come prepared.

“Oh boy, is this great!” – Flounder, Animal House (1978)

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