Chris Christie’s Continuing Fall from Grace

Remember this awkward “bro-hug” from the Cowboys-Lions game on Jan 4, 2015? The moment when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — a long-time Cowboys fan — tried too hard to get in on the celebration with team owner Jerry Jones?

The hug itself is uncomfortable to see, but the story that leads up to it is worse.

You see, Jerry Jones presented Gov. Christie with a gift… a private jet flight from New Jersey to the game in Dallas, seats in the owner’s suite, some meet-and-greet time with the players and coaches on the sideline, and (I would imagine) plenty of food and drinks… much more fancy than hot dogs and flat beer.

Now, Jones can afford to do whatever he wants… but Christie, who really wants to be president, should know better than to accept a gift that has a value of at least $125,000 (according to luxury gift company Goviva). Christie recently suggested to the New Jersey Port Authority that it grant a contract to a company co-owned by Jones… which would make the gift to Christie look a whole lot like a payoff.

(h/t Tom Moran)

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