Money for… nothing?

Make no mistake about it: you can’t run for president unless you have a lot of money. I mean… a LOT of cash.

Actually, you don’t need your own money… though it helps. What you need are a lot of people who have a lot of money and are willing to give you a lot of money in exchange for favors.

So what does it say about Jeb Bush when he’s asking his rich friends to not give him a lot of moneyright now?

It says that Bush is just like anyone else running for president. He has connections who are fairly eager to spend whatever it takes to get him elected. He just doesn’t want to scare people off right now, and receiving a bunch of big gifts… er, bribes… er, contributions right now might send the wrong message.

Later, of course, when he thinks the message would be just fine… he’ll gladly take as much cash as they want to dump in his lap.

BUT… for now, Bush wants his friends to only give him up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

That’s right. Jeb Bush has decided that the top threshold… the amount up to which doesn’t look like people are trying to buy influence… is ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
Do YOU have ONE MILLION DOLLARS just gathering dust in your checking account? Me either. But the people who do? They can — and will — cough up the cash without any worries or hardships.
You and me? If we give a candidate ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS we’re doing so at the risk of not being able to pay the electric bill… or buy a few groceries… or fill up our gas tank. But the people Bush is courting don’t have to worry about those things.
Which tells you a lot about the people Jeb plans on listening to IF America decides it wants another Bush in the White House.
I think America can do better.

We REALLY Don’t Need No Edumacation

White House wannabe Jeb Bush, never a friend of public schools (see his record as Florida governor where he tried to slash teaching positions and drastically increase the number of students per classroom), recently had a few harsh things to say about America’s schools… calling them “government-run, unionized monopolies.”

Not surprising. As a way of doubling-down on his efforts in Florida, Bush is joining the ranks of the haters like Scott Walker and Rick Santorum in portraying America’s schools in a bad light.

As Steve Benen writes:

We rarely hear this king of talk about other parts of the public sector. For example, Republicans don’t usually run around chastising police departments or fire departments as “government-run, unionized monopolies.” Conservatives do, however, direct this ire at public education.

Why would Bush and Company want to damage public schools and their teachers? Could it have anything to do with efforts to privatize education… turning over the instruction of our children to for-profit corporations?

That’s my guess.

Another Example of John McCain’s Poor Judgment

Pictured above is former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. The same Sarah Palin who continues to tell anyone who will listen that she is interested in running for president… who covers her Facebook page with all sorts of religious-themed posts… who wants you to believe that she is all about “family values”…

The same Sarah Palin who is praised by supposed Christian leaders like Franklin Graham…

That same Sarah Palin is shown here enthusiastically holding a sign with both a profane phrase AND a gun-flavored threat to filmmaker Michael Moore. (See the gunsight crosshairs?) And don’t let anyone tell you she didn’t notice what the sign says; that’s her autograph in the lower left corner.

What a role model!

Yep, John McCain made a huge mistake in putting this fool on the ticket… giving this TV personality just enough exposure to get rich by saying and doing stupid stuff.

It’s sad that Sen. McCain still refuses to admit that he was wrong to pick her as his running mate.

It’s even sadder that there are a lot of people who faithfully follow her.

(H/T to Andrew Kirell, Editor of Mediaite, for finding this picture.)

The Absolute Hypocrisy of Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas governor and perennial presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been making a lot of noise recently in his criticism of Beyoncé. Huckabee has attacked Beyoncé’s music as “vulgar” and denouncing President and Mrs. Obama for allowing their daughters to listen to the pop star’s songs.

Yet Huckabee counts as one of his favorite performers one Mr. Ted Nugent who is known for songs like “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang”, “Yank Me, Crank Me (But Don’t Wake Up and Thank Me)”, and his biggest hit, “Cat Scratch Fever”, a song that Nugent recently performed on Huckabee’s Fox News program… with Huckabee playing bass guitar.

The song has two clear meanings: promiscuous teenage (and pre-teen) sex and contracting a sexually-transmitted disease as a result. Though Nugent has denied the latter, the phrase “cat scratch fever” was a commonly-used slang term for syphilis in the Seventies. The lyrics suggest that Nugent’s denials are not truthful:

Well, the first time that I got it I was just ten years old
I got it from some kitty next door
An’ I went to see the doctor and he gave me the cure
I think I got it some more

On The Daily Show (January 19th, 2015), Huckabee told Jon Stewart: “That song is an adult song, geared for adults.” Really? Tell that to the hormone-loaded teenagers — myself included — who bought Nugent’s albums in the Seventies. Tell that to the parents of those Seventies teenagers who were shocked to hear their innocent children singing along with:

Well, I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand
They know they gettin’ it from me
They know just where to go when they need their lovin’ man
They know I’m doin’ it for free

Of course, his criticism of Beyoncé’s music is a small part of Huckabee’s schtick… but it’s part of his central theme of separating this nation into two parts: Bubble-ville and Bubba-ville. He is very condescending when talking about people from urban areas and those with advanced education while portraying the rest as more wholesome and practical. He attacks one in order to celebrate the other. It’s the same tactic used by other political extremists like Sarah Palin who suggest that some parts of this nation are the “real America”, as if they are the only ones worthy.

This is the type of behavior that causes rifts and makes the division between two sides grow much wider. Huckabee is exploiting domestic xenophobia, the fear and hatred some Americans have of other Americans simply because of their differences.

Huckabee condemns Beyoncé’s music as “mental poison”… but he excuses the blatant pornography of Ted Nugent because:

1. Nugent’s music fans are overwhelmingly rural
2. Nugent’s political views are shared by many of Huckabee’s followers
3. Nugent and Huckabee are in agreement on gun issues.

Huckabee may have moral standards… but his willingness to disapprove of some while glorifying others is pure hypocrisy.

When is a Libertarian not a Libertarian?

How to tell if your Libertarian friend isn’t actually a Republican:

A true Libertarian would object to the forced quarantine — essentially, incarceration — of asymptomatic medical workers returning from western Africa.

Even a non-Libertarian Tea Partier couldn’t possibly be thrilled with the whole “loss of personal freedom” bit.

But then, it’s no different than when I hear my friends on the Right screaming about how they hate entitlement programs while insisting that no cuts be made to their own Social Security or Medicare benefits.

What century is this?

This is State Senator Fran Millar (R) of Dunwoody GA and he is fighting a plan that would allow Sunday voting in his district. Why? Let’s allow the senator to explain in his Facebook post from 9/9/14:
(“AJC” refers to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a prominent local newspaper.)
Notice the portion I highlighted? Sen. Millar is concerned that Sunday voting will be too convenient to African Americans.
But that’s not all. In the comments section, Sen. Millar added this nugget:

Yes, Sen. Millar doesn’t think that the African Americans who may find Sunday voting more convenient are sufficiently educated.

Man, my ears are hurting from all the dog whistles going off!

Sen. Millar is a classic example of bigotry in action… something that is all too common.

If he hasn’t deleted it yet, here is a link to Millar’s Facebook post: