We REALLY Don’t Need No Edumacation

White House wannabe Jeb Bush, never a friend of public schools (see his record as Florida governor where he tried to slash teaching positions and drastically increase the number of students per classroom), recently had a few harsh things to say about America’s schools… calling them “government-run, unionized monopolies.”

Not surprising. As a way of doubling-down on his efforts in Florida, Bush is joining the ranks of the haters like Scott Walker and Rick Santorum in portraying America’s schools in a bad light.

As Steve Benen writes:

We rarely hear this king of talk about other parts of the public sector. For example, Republicans don’t usually run around chastising police departments or fire departments as “government-run, unionized monopolies.” Conservatives do, however, direct this ire at public education.

Why would Bush and Company want to damage public schools and their teachers? Could it have anything to do with efforts to privatize education… turning over the instruction of our children to for-profit corporations?

That’s my guess.

We Don’t Need No Education… (updated)

Just a couple thoughts regarding the big stink some pundits are making about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the fact that he never graduated college…

…a degree by itself is no measurement nor guarantee that the person is capable of good job performance…

…eleven U.S. Presidents never earned a college degree, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln…

…one of the least-capable presidents of all time holds an MBA from an Ivy League school…

…Sarah Palin has a college degree…

So let’s just call a halt to all this foolishness. There are many good reasons to keep Walker from gaining the Oval Office…. but the lack of a college degree is not one of them.

UPDATE: Scott Walker is picking the wrong fight.

Not long after I wrote this column, Gov. Walker appeared in an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly… and decided to take the Santorum Approach to the idea of a college education.  Prompted by Kelly’s remark that Sec. Hillary Clinton has a degree from Yale, Walker chimed:

“I think there’s a lot of Americans who have looked at some of the leaders we’ve had over the last few years who’ve come out of those Ivy League schools and said, ‘Maybe it’s time we got people who are in touch with people all across the rest of America’.”

Granted, one of those recent leaders was Pres. George W. Bush (BA, Yale and MBA, Harvard). Still, Walker’s need to criticize those who were successful in earning a post-secondary degree is a bad strategy. No one who aspires to be the Commander in Chief should try to get there by ridiculing the education accomplishments of others.

Then again, this is the same Gov. Walker who wants to make massive cuts to his state’s education system. Perhaps his lack of a degree has caused some personal bitterness…?