Whoa, cowboy!


Let’s take a deep breath, cowpokes.

Yes, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey today. What this means is yet to be determined. BUT…

… this is NOT a Constitutional Crisis. We are not at the same level as what this nation experienced during the Nixon administration. Our nation is in a solid place, far from any sense of crumbling into chaos.



We are seeing amazing things happening… deeply disturbing things… in and around an administration that seems to have absolutely no idea what it is doing.


Let’s be honest: now-former FBI Director James Comey was destined to be fired. His handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails… and his handling of Russia’s obvious hacking of otherwise secure computer files of both the Democrats and Republicans during the 2016 election AND the certainty of Russia’s attempt to influence the election… all are justification of removing him from his position.

The question we must be asking now is: why today? Why now? What explains the timing of Comey’s firing?

Is it possible that Comey and the FBI were getting close to something… a real bombshell… some previously-rumored event that is about to be confirmed… the “Smoking Gun” that will finally, completely show collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and agents of an adversarial government?

The real question: when will the Trump administration fold upon itself? When will President Trump vacate the office rather than face prosecution? Will Vice President Pence fall on his sword as well, or will he try to rise above and assume the presidency?

There are way too many questions right now.

Stay tuned… and keep demanding the truth.

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