The NRA loves guns, but… (CORRECTED)

The irony is so thick you could choke on it.

At its convention this week in Nashville, the National Rifle Association is promising “9 acres of guns” on display by over 400 vendors, yet

all guns at the convention site all guns offered for sale at the convention site must be non-operational… and

…if you purchase a gun at the convention, you can’t actually take possession of it. Instead, you will have to pick it up at a licensed Federal Firearms dealer near your home which I imagine means you would have to submit to a standard background check…even though

…the NRA has made it clear that it wants broad freedom for gun owners with minimal government restrictions, including calling for guns in schools

yet clearly the NRA doesn’t trust the thousands of eager attendees at its own convention to be responsible, safety-conscious weapons enthusiasts.

yet the NRA insists that the only ‘working’ guns at the convention be those that attendees might bring with them, provided that they are licensed to carry… of course.

(This post has been corrected as shown. That’s what happens when your source — the NY Daily News in this case — gets confused.)

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