Money for… nothing?

Make no mistake about it: you can’t run for president unless you have a lot of money. I mean… a LOT of cash.

Actually, you don’t need your own money… though it helps. What you need are a lot of people who have a lot of money and are willing to give you a lot of money in exchange for favors.

So what does it say about Jeb Bush when he’s asking his rich friends to not give him a lot of moneyright now?

It says that Bush is just like anyone else running for president. He has connections who are fairly eager to spend whatever it takes to get him elected. He just doesn’t want to scare people off right now, and receiving a bunch of big gifts… er, bribes… er, contributions right now might send the wrong message.

Later, of course, when he thinks the message would be just fine… he’ll gladly take as much cash as they want to dump in his lap.

BUT… for now, Bush wants his friends to only give him up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

That’s right. Jeb Bush has decided that the top threshold… the amount up to which doesn’t look like people are trying to buy influence… is ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
Do YOU have ONE MILLION DOLLARS just gathering dust in your checking account? Me either. But the people who do? They can — and will — cough up the cash without any worries or hardships.
You and me? If we give a candidate ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS we’re doing so at the risk of not being able to pay the electric bill… or buy a few groceries… or fill up our gas tank. But the people Bush is courting don’t have to worry about those things.
Which tells you a lot about the people Jeb plans on listening to IF America decides it wants another Bush in the White House.
I think America can do better.

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