Net Neutrality is NOT socialism, no matter what Fox News or Pat Robertson say

Today, the FCC — in a 3-2 party lines vote — decided in favor of Net Neutrality. What does this mean?
It means…
…that everyone, from the largest corporation to the smallest household, is guaranteed equal access to the internet.
…that internet providers can’t limit or block access to some customers nor give special consideration to others.
…that internet providers can’t give faster delivery to some websites (and charge high fees for the privilege) while slowing the ability to load from other websites.
…that internet providers CAN STILL charge consumers different fees for different speeds, just like they already do.
…that consumers can expect to be treated to a quality product.

What does it NOT mean?

It does not mean…
…that the government will be controlling what you can and cannot see on the Web.
…that internet service providers will suddenly not be able to offer delivery.
…that companies like Comcast, AT&T, Cox, etc will lose money (unless you count the massive profits they would have made by allowing some content providers to buy up bandwidth at the expense of others).

Of course, Right Wing talk radio & websites, Fox News, and a host of politicians and personalities — I’m looking at YOU, “Rev” Pat — are telling their collective sheeple that the notion of maintaining a fair and equitable internet is SOCIALISM! and EVIL! and JOB KILLING! and everything else including the END! OF! AMERICA! AS! WE! KNOW! IT!


The people who are angry at today’s FCC decision are the same ones that want corporations to have no limits and no regulations… granting outrageous power to the few at the expense of the many.

Net Neutrality… in a nutshell… gives each one of us the freedom to access the internet just the same as we can access telephones, electricity, or water.
YES, we still have to pay for the service… but we’re not prevented from getting our money’s worth.

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