Another Example of John McCain’s Poor Judgment

Pictured above is former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. The same Sarah Palin who continues to tell anyone who will listen that she is interested in running for president… who covers her Facebook page with all sorts of religious-themed posts… who wants you to believe that she is all about “family values”…

The same Sarah Palin who is praised by supposed Christian leaders like Franklin Graham…

That same Sarah Palin is shown here enthusiastically holding a sign with both a profane phrase AND a gun-flavored threat to filmmaker Michael Moore. (See the gunsight crosshairs?) And don’t let anyone tell you she didn’t notice what the sign says; that’s her autograph in the lower left corner.

What a role model!

Yep, John McCain made a huge mistake in putting this fool on the ticket… giving this TV personality just enough exposure to get rich by saying and doing stupid stuff.

It’s sad that Sen. McCain still refuses to admit that he was wrong to pick her as his running mate.

It’s even sadder that there are a lot of people who faithfully follow her.

(H/T to Andrew Kirell, Editor of Mediaite, for finding this picture.)

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